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A Beginning for Herbs of the Apocalypse

A Sneaky Peek

Hello, fellow earth dweller. Here’s yet another digital greeting from the graphic novel creation world. Welcome back to our lil space in the universe, fueled by nature and a healthy distaste for authority. We are happy to report that this telegram contains the first page of the graphic novel for all to see. Our launch happens in T-minus one week!*
*You may want to have an herbal beverage handy…

Our Story Begins…

Like a proverbial cockroach emerging from the sewer, our story is On June 20th those who are signed up for the Sunday Comic will get the first chapter.. To everyone else, have a look at this intro to the comic to get a feel for our world. If you decide you want more, feel free to contribute ANY amount to our crowdfunding to get a chapter per week arriving each Sunday.

The story starts out with a flashback to Sofia’s youth where she goes to seek out wildflowers with her father. It highlights her love for plants that continues throughout her life with outstanding botanical drawings by HFTA’s illustrator Rokaya Taqi. This chapter sets the stage for a lasting theme throughout the graphic novel: why do humans have to ruin Sofia’s favorite things?

The dawn of a new era is upon us. Here at Herbs for the Apocalypse, we feel that plant medicine has the ability to help us accept our fate, whether that is facing our own demise, or leading us to our higher collective evolution.

This project has been MANY moons in the making. An uncountable amount of revolutions around the sun, amidst many writes, rewrites, creative struggles, Our Apocalypse hits Sunday, June 20th!

And in the meantime, please help us spread the word. Massive thanks to you!

A massive thanks again to all of you, for being a beacon to likeminded folks who can help hold this vision. Herbs for the Apocalypse has grown and expanded to become not only a graphic novel, but a passion project inspiring people to reconnect with mother nature and respectfully learn from the bounty of her gifts. HFTA is comprised of artists, herb nerds, consciousness explorers, beta readers, film enthusiasts, legal aid, technological and creative wizards, and haters who help fuel our fire. And the biggest thanks go to Mother Nature. Without her, we would be NOTHING.

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