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Amara Rewritten and Reviewed

  • Title: Amara 2nd edition ( PORTA AD INFERNUM)
  • Author: Tristan Hutchinson
  • Format: unedited ebook
  • Publisher: Eon Wolf Productions
  • Genres: Supernatural, Thriller, Horror
  • Page length: not determined
  • Release date: June 30, 2021
  • My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

*** This post may contain spoilers.


I live for your nightmares. You won’t see me….hear me….or know me, but sooner or later I will come for you. Up from the ground, on the winds, or down from the sky. You will then see me…. you will scream…. you will die.
Aaron Wolfe wakes up unsure of where he is, surrounded by a darkness deeper than night with a distinctive metallic smell he could almost taste. Using the flashlight on his phone he makes a gruesome discovery. The smell is blood coming from the bodies of people who have been ripped apart. Everywhere in the town he’s in the people are all dead. A feeling deep inside of primal fear and the scent of death surrounds him. He’s the only survivor in a town that’s been torn apart.
Trying to make sense of it all, realizing that the pervasive blanket of darkness must be blocking the electronics signal from his cell phone and afraid of what being the only survivor in a massacred town will suggest to others. He realizes he must get away from whatever is blocking his phone and reach out to his partner Jaclyn Hunsaker. He knows she will work with him to solve the mystery of who or what laid waste to the lives of every single person in town. But first he needs to get a signal on his phone.

****I was given a copy of this book by the author but all opinions are my own.

My review

When I’m reading an author for the first time I intentionally try and avoid learning details about the author, especially what they look like. I’m sure I’ve missed reading some good books because I’ve seen an author’s photo before I’ve read at least one of their books. I realize this might seem weird but please hear me out. When I see a photo of someone, my own personal experiences in life cause me to make assumptions hopefully small and nice assumptions, but assumptions none the less. So when I see a photo of an author I do my normal thing and make assumptions. Here’s the problem those small things that pop into my head about the author can affect how I respond to their book. It can have the effect of “how did that book come out of that person?”. Instead of my views being based on the words on the page they are based on the face that I saw, and that’s not fair. A book should be viewed and reviewed only on what is written on the pages found between it’s own covers.

Amara is a book where I am thankful that I have that mentality. I say this because the true joy I found in this action packed supernatural novel would have been diminished had I had knowledge of Tristan Hutchinson’s appearance prior to beginning of the novel. Let me finish, I do infact see Mr. Hutchinson as an accomplished writer but I would not have assumed the correct genres he wrote in, and that wouldn’t of been fair to his well thought out and well written novel.

Yes, as a whole I found Amara to be a very well written book. It held your attention by weiving a combination of supernatural and natural together where you want to believe, but then suddenly the details stop. The story continues for a few more pages but once Aaron realizes what must be done the writing turns into words without emotions. And those words are the words that should be the most weighted down. Love and death. The two words fight for the title of being the heaviest.

I have heard a little bird say that he is working on something new, which I hope is a sequel because I think that if you spend the time to rewrite the finished one, shouldn’t another one at least be being considered. And I want redemption for Aaron.

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