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Books on Mental Illness for the Individual and the Family

In this post mental illness refers to biological brain disorders that interfere with normal brain chemistry (ex: Bipolar disorder, OCD, and schizophrenia). As opposed to developmental disorders; such as Autism or ADHD. Although both are devastating to the ill person and their family.

Mental illness is a scary thing to face because they are not preventable or curable at this time, but they are treatable. My post is not a replacement for professional treatment, itis ment to help you along as you receive professional medical treatment. Below, I have compiled a list of books to help you along the journey, but this list is far from complete. But it will help you get started once you’ve been diagnosed

  1. American Psychiatric Association (2013) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5)
  2. Gorman, J.M. (2007) The Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs
  3. Adamec, C. (2006). How to live with a mentally ill person: A handbook of day-to-day strategies
  4. Adams, N. & Grueder, D. (2005) Treatment planning for person-centered care: The road to mental health and addiction recovery.
  5. Andreasen, N. (2001) Brave new brain: Conquering mental illness in the era of the genome.
  6. Basco, M. R. & Rush, A.J. (2007) Cognitive behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder (2nd Edition)
  7. Bernheim, K., Lewine, R. & Beale, C. (1982) The caring family: Living with chronic mental illness.
  8. Brantley, J. (2007) Calming your anxious mind
  9. Copeland, M.E. (1994) Living without depression and manic depression: A workbook for maintaining mood stability
  10. Drake, P. & Becker, D. (2001) A working life for people with severe mental illness
  11. Fink, C. & Kraynak, J. (2007) Bipolar disorder for dummies
  12. Golant, M. & Golant, S. (2007) what to do when someone you love is depressed
  13. Gorman, J.M. (2007) The essential guide to psychiatric drugs (rev. ed.)
  14. Greenberg, M. (2008) Hurry down sunshine
  15. Hatfield, A. & Lefley, H. (1993) Surviving mental illness: Stress, coping and adaptation
  16. Hornbacher, M. (2008) Madness: A bipolar life
  17. Koplewicz, H. (2002) More than moody: Recognizing and treating adolescent depression
  18. Lovelace, D. (2008) Scattershot: My bipolar family
  19. Lukas, C. Blue genes: A memoir of loss and survival
  20. Manning, M. (1995) Undercurrents
  21. Moorman, M, (1992) My sisters keeper: learning to cope with a siblings mental illness
  22. Russell, M.L. (2005) Planning for the future: Providing a meaningful life for a child with disability
  23. Secunda, V. (1997) When madness comes home: Help and hope for the children, siblings and partners of the mentally ill
  24. Sullivan, W. (1994) A long winding road: The process of recovery from sever mental illness
  25. Torrey, E.F. &Knable, M.B. (2005) Surviving manic depression
  26. Torrey, E.F. (2006) Surviving schizophrenia: A manual for families, consumers and providers (5th ed)
  27. Wasow, M. (2000) The skipping stone: Ripple effects of mental illness on the family (2nd ed)
  28. Woolis, R. (1992) When someone you love has a mental illness: A handbook for family, friends and caregivers

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