Malta, 1775: The Twilight of the Knights

Malta, the second half of the 18th century: Bartolomeo, a descendant of one of the most important families of the papal nobility, is a Knight of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta which rules the island. Captain of the “Levriero”, a vessel given to him by his father and part of the Melitense fleet, a member of the Grand Master’s guard, a friend of some trusted confreres, the young man, while realizing that the Order is no longer what it once was, seems to have fulfilled his dreams and is satisfied with his own existence. One evening, however, Bartolomeo casually sees something he shouldn’t see and everything changes radically: for the Roman nobleman a declining parable begins that will lead him to clash with the power games at the top of the government of the island, to become an outcast of the Order and, even, to be a fugitive accused of murder. His new condition will drag him into a series of adventures and encounters giving him the opportunity to better understand himself and the reality that surrounds him, to get to have a main role in the “Revolt of the Priests” led by don Gaetano Mannarino and, unexpectedly, to fall in love …

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Ron Isa

Garbled noise, quickly becoming coherent, strange messages, and soon, she is revealed, calling herself ‘Enoya’. The engineer, Dargaud, locked in his small, decrepit loft, marvels over his creation, unaware that she is observing him as much as he is observing her.

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Henry – The Goose Who Got to Love Review

An emotionally moving tale surrounding the power of forgiveness and love. A fictional account, told through the eyes of a childhood pet who’s forgiven his best friend owner for growing up and giving him away; a truly touching story of hope, perseverance, forgiveness, optimism and love.

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Talking with Lillian and Dave

Lillian and Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, their business’ include a music studio, percussion accessory products, graphic design work, popular blogs and numerous award-winning non-fiction books. Today we’re discussing their latest book and have both Lillian and Dave joining us.

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Emily’s Lair begins…

Her head had been shaved of all its hair and there was a trace of faintly red stubble over the exposed scalp. She wore a filthy gray smock which barely covered her emaciated frame and there were bruises and welts on her arms and legs, as well as cuts still in the process of healing that oozed a slow trickle of blood.

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