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Donna Mensah & The Diary of a Nagging Wife

A hilarious story of the ups and downs of a overtired and overworked mother, two needy children and an overbearing husband the perfect laught-out-loud story.

1. How did you go from being a singer to writing novels?

I have always been passionate about writing whether it comes from writing poetry to writing song lyrics, I’ve never really been without apen or book in my hand, as I am constantly coming up with new ideas. The book writing didn’t really develop for me until after my children were born. Life took on a slower pace, and I wasn’t signing as much. Then out of nowhere I had the desire to write a book and I haven’t stopped since.

2. What inspired the idea for the novel?

This is quite funny actually I ended up having a argument with my husband, as we had just had our newborn daughter, Mya. I was all flustered, as she was crying and was hungry and I needed to give her a feed and my husband bless him! Oblivious to what was going on had asked me to help him with something and I was upset with him because he hadn’t offered to help me settle Mya while I prepare her feed. We both had the hump with each other that night! I remember taking out my notebook to write and writing the first two chapters of the book that same night. In fact the arguement we had was one of the first scenes in the book.

3. What part of your book was the most fun to write?

That’s a hard one! As there was so many parts of the book that I enjoyed writing. But if I had to choose, I would pick the part when Annie tries toget a bit more spontaneous in her marriage, as she feels like the spark has gone, and decides to dress up one night in order to create some romance. But, lets just say things don’t quite work out out as planned. That was quite funny to write. As I can imagine that has probably happened to someone.

4. Which of the characters do you relate to the most and why?

I think everyone can relate to Annie in someway or another I’m sure there have been times even for me when you can feel somewhat overwhelmedand feel like your trying to juggle as much as possible and you’ve only got one pair of hands! Being a mum is hard work and there are often times when you feel like your doing so much and you often leave yourself till last. However Annie does have her bestie Megan which she often runs to when she’s having a rough day or just needs someone to talk to. Megan is very blunt and straight to the point but she is very supportive and a great friend.

5. What inspired you to include the “dear diary” segments in your book?

To be honest I felt like it would be nice to hear the story from Annie herself, and draw the reader into her world. How intimate would it be, to be able to get a look into her diary and to see her thoughts, her expressions, and all of her feelings.Whilst at the same time drawing you into the life’s of the other characters around her.

6. What characters in your book are most similar to you or to people you know?

I would like to think that I have some of the qualities of Megan as she isa go getter and knows what she wants. But also, I think there’s abit of Annie in alot of people I know and even Matthew who sometimes is seen as the villain in the book, but alot of times it’s a form of misunderstandings and miscommunication and I feel like a lot of couples can relate to the characters of Mathew and Annie.

7. Are there therapeutic benefits to modeling a character after someone you know?

I guess in a way yes, I think you can ‘lose yourself’ inside the role of the character as you already have an idea of what qualities that character will have. You can also go deeper into their expression there faults and their behavior.

8. Would you and your main character get along?

I think me and Annie would get along.I think we would probably both talk about how hectic our life’s can be over a nice cup of coffee lol

9. If you could meet your characters, what would you say to them?

For Annie I would say to slow down a little, and take time out for yourself.

For Megan I would thank her for being such a caring and loyal friend.

For Matthew I would say try to find happiness in yourself, not to take life so seriously and try to put yourself in other’s shoes.

10. If your planning a sequel, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

There may possibly be a sequel to the novel in the future.Maybe a diary from the husbands point of view this time around, I’m still deciding.

11. How would you describe your book’s ideal reader?

The ideal reader will be someone that likes humor, and general characters from all walks of life.

12. What’s a typical writing day for you?

A typical writing day for me would be dropping the kids off to school and trying to get at least 3 hours a day of writing done.

Depending upon what I am working on I would be either working on finishing my novel or creating anew plot or description for my next novel.

Inbetween that I am pitching publications and sending out emails. I also spend time on social media marketing where I post links everywhere I possiblycan and also respond to any comments.

13. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Or both?

I think at times it can be both. I get really excited when I get an idea for a new character and then the writing comes pouring out of me. But there are other times when I can get the dreaded writers block and can sometimes feel like I’m pushing through a brick wall as I have nothing left to give. I tend to go away for a short while, take a break and come back to it, I often find that once I have taken a short break the creativity starts to flow again.

14. What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

Sometimes the most difficult part for me can be at the end of the book. SometimesI’m not quite sure how things couldturn out. Should it be a happy ending? Or perhaps a twist in the story and no one would quite believe it ended quite like it did. Canbe lots of decisions to make, but it can also be confusing what path you want the story to take.

15. How do you come up with character names for your stories?

I tend to base the names on the personality of the characters, and how they look in my mind and what name would suit that character the most.

16. What’s the trickiest thing about writing characters of the opposite sex?

I would say trying not to write them in the way you think they would act and react. For example writing the male character of Matthew I had to respond to Matthew as what I think a man would do and would think, rather than what I expected him to say. (I did alot of research!)

17. When your writing an emotional or difficult scene, how do you set the mood?

I tend to fixate on a specific character how they would react with their movement, their expression and feelings. I tend to create the scene in my head first before I put it onto paper. I always like to listen to music when I write and often feel like that too can create a scene.

18. What books did you grow up reading?

Wow that’s a good question I’ve read so many books especially when I was younger. I love reading biographies the biography of Maria Callas the famous opera singer was a fasinating read I also enjoyed reading the biography of Dorothy Dandrige a famous African American singer, dancer and actress who lived a incredible but tragic life.

Anything from Rold Dahl when I was little my favorite was The Twits and I would love the illustrations. Judy Blume I remember the famous line “I must increase my bust” from the book Dear God it’s me Margaret. I’m showing my age now.

I am also a huge fan of Jane Green, Nicola May, I also like thrillers and fantasy, JP Delaney and Mark Helpin the list goes on.

19. What book (or books) are you currently reading?

I am currently reading The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham. I have seen the TV series and I was interested in reading the novel.

20. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m anoutdoor person so I like going for long walks in the park with my husband and kids. As we have been in lockdown for so long I’m really looking forward to going out to a nice restaurant or going to see a good movie or theatre show. A lot of the things we take for granted we can no longer do, so that would be nice to experience that again.

21. Would you share something about yourself that your readers don’t know (yet)?

I’m a sucker for romantic movies and will cry at the drop of a hat. I have a box of tissues next to me especially if I’m watching a Nicolas Sparks movie!

Author Donna Mensah released her debut novel on April 6, 2021.

Author Bio

Donna Mensah is the author of The Diary of a Nagging Wife. Donna started her career as a singer/songwriter, however, fate took her on a different path. A path that allowed her passion for writing to wander into the world of books and she hasn’t looked back.

Donna is a woman’s fiction writer and her writing is known for it’s humor and will often have you convulsing with laughter from the moment you pick it up. Donna lives and works out of her home in Waltham Abby, Essex with her husband and two children.

For more information about the debut author or to arrange an interview please send all inquiries to

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