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Fender Head Book Review

  • Title: Fender Head
  • Author: Robert McEvilla
  • Kindle edition (arc)
  • Publisher:Global Publishing Group LLC
  • Genres: Military Thrillers, Murder Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers
  • Page length: 301
  • Release date: February 17, 2021
  • My rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was given an Advanced Readers copy (arc) of this book by the author but all opinions are my own.

**This post may contain spoilers. **


Escaping from a Michigan prison camp in 1945, German soldier and POW, Lothar Laumer, is on the run. With few resources, murder and robbery become necessities for survival, and after finding romance, he cleverly implements a plan to join the same army he had escaped from and becomes a career non-commissioned officer. His false sense of security is upended when a blast from the past threatens to undo him.

My Review

I was asked to review this book by the author, Robert McEvilla, and I’m very glad that I agreed. I was a little skeptical of reading a book from the POV of a German solider during world war 2 but then I remembered I gave the advice to read things you don’t always agree with.I’m glad I did because the main character may have been a German POW but many of his decisions were not based on a Nazi POV but the decisions of a scared man who just wanted to survive in a country that was unfamiliar with and where he didn’t know the language.

Yes there where times where Nazi views were expressed but they were mild and limited because he new that vocalizing his views in America right after the end of the war would cause more problems then praise. He made changes that made him appear more Americanized, he even joined a minor league baseball team for a short time.

I found myself engulfed in the suspense, and at times I even forgot he was a Nazi. The action and suspense makes up for the challenge to sympathize with the main characters plite. I found the first few pages slightly confusing but was quickly able to sort out my confusion and enjoyed the whole book.

My only question is why the title Fender Head? Is it a reference to something American or is it a reference to the main character in regards to something that happened either before or during thebook. Whatever the title is referring to, I didn’t establish the connection but was able to find the novel extremely enjoyable and will be highly recommending it to people.

If you find novels that challenge the norm or just like historical fiction or suspense I highly recommend giving Fender Head a chance to suck you into a world where not understanding is the norm and everyone says baseball is the key to all your answers.

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