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Is Reading the Secret Ingredient?

What is reading the secret ingredient too? You might ask. Well reading is the secret ingredient to your own well being. Now your wondering how reading impacts your well being, let me tell you a few ways reading positively impacts you.

For starters, when you read you are giving yourself alone time that allows you to reduce stress and enter a more tranquil state. This is probably because by reading you can escape your reality and step into someone else’s.

Reading for pleasure has been found to improve confidence and self-esteem. Researchers have discovered that people who read about a character (real or fictional) doing something are actually more likely to do it in real life.

Also, with every book you pick up you are increasing your knowledge and improving your vocabulary. As this happens other people will find you more attractive and interesting simply because you have so much to talk about.

And, reading can boost your brain power. Children who read are better able to grasp abstract thoughts, apply logic, recognize cause and effect and utilize good judgement. Books can influence your “moral laboritory” in ways to increase your empathy.

And you don’t have to read certain kinds of books to see any of these effects. Most types of books will offer all these benefits without the reader even realizing it. So, actually, there are a extremely limited number of books that actually deserve to be labeled as “guilty pleasure”.

Considering all the benefits just point me in the direction of the nearest book store and I’ll be on my way. And now-a-days with the internet and all the different ways to buy used books, there are options for every budget.

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