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Review of Braving The World (ARC)

• Title: Braving The World: Adventures in Travel and Retirement (ARC)

• Author: Pam Saylor

• Kindle (ARC) edition

• Pages: 322

• Genres: memoir, travel, non-fiction

• Release date: Paperback May 1, 2021 (Kindle 3/28/21)

• Publisher: kindle edition

• my rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Synopsis

After early retirement, in 2017 Pam and her husband Dave packed four suitcases and one beer cooler full of insulin and boarded a one-way flight to Italy for a year-long dream trip.

The dream was to live like locals, find out-of-the-way restaurants, and watch the seasons change.  But behind every dream, there is the reality.

“When it came right down to it, our dream trip felt like falling off a cliff.”.

My Review

I enjoyed the change in environment that this book provided me. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of action/thriller based novels and this book was a nice reminder to change your pace every once in a while. A reminder ment not only for book genres but also for every other part of your life. Sure they went to the extreme by spending a whole year in Europe after they retired, but there are also small things to be taken away from this novel. Such as an appreciation for electronics, everyone speaking the same language as you, and health insurance if you have it. Although the book does also points out some of the flaws in our healthcare system.

There was a line about them sprinting through the airport so they would make it to the airplane to Italy that I really liked. I thought I wrote it down but I can’t find it, but basically it demonstrated that even if something gets of to a rocky start you can still have a good time that ends with you wishing the story wasn’t over yet.

At the end of most chapters there were tips about how to manage common day to day situations that could come up while you travel, such as transportation, cell phone usage and medications. She even offered a few websites with information that was accurate as of her traveling during 2018-2019.

Pam and her husband Dave would definitely recommend long-term travel as Pam made clear at the end when she wrote “Home was terrific, we were glad to be back, but we both also wanted to travel again.” Pam’s descriptions of the ups and downs of long-term travel makes me want to travel again, but it also suggests, to me at least, that having a companion to travel with is a good idea.

Whether your a traveler or an armchair traveler you will find something in this book to enjoy. Please consider checking this book out.

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