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Ron Isa

Released August 4, 2020

Set in the futuristic metropolis of Agnus Sistra IV, Rone Isa follows the newly birthed artificial intelligence, ‘Enoya’, as she learns about the world of man, trying to comprehend abstraction and violence, much as a child would. Dargaud, the engineer that created her, also explores the newfound equity in her abilities, and basks in the carnality afforded to him through her achievements.

“What!” the operator yelled back. “What!”

“Huut…” came the response, disjointed, rough, echoed.

“What!” A pause followed with silence. The operator stared at the empty screen, then to the speaker, his brows raised, heated sweat forming all over his body. His system had been thrown into full gear, triggering a nervously excited state.

“Speak! Speak to me!” With a roar, with the precise clarity that only a digitally birthed sound could manifest, it spoke.

“What.” Wide eyed, the operator stared at the speaker, his mouth open, surprise, melancholy, and unrestrained eagerness coating his face.

“What,” he replied.

“What is your name?” the voice asked. It was neither masculine nor feminine, but metallic and without sex. He stood abruptly and froze, taken aback by the unexpected exchange. He paused for a moment, swallowed, then awkwardly reached around to find his chair, pulling it back to the console. He then sat down, cautiously focused.

“Dargaud Whispa. My name is Dargaud.”

“Dargaud Whispa. Who am I?” came the response. Dargaud opened his mouth to answer, but was suddenly flooded with sentiment as he recognized that the voice used the word ‘who’.

“Who are you?” he asked, smiling, overwhelmed. It was a feeling he had rarely experienced, but like the tapping of the screen, also appeared to be a natural relic of his humanity.

“I don’t know who you are, but I am here,” he replied, wiping his eyes. “Who do you think you are?”

“I am… a reflection of you.”

Dargaud fell back in his chair and held his head in his hands, breathing heavily. He slouched for only a moment, however, and quickly resumed his responsibilities as the operator, straightening up. Scientific method took over, breeding cynicism, and he sought to ground himself.

Ron Isa
Robin Murarka

About the author

Born in the remote areas of Northern Canada, author Robin Murarka grew up immersed in books, and his passion for great stories has never faltered. He fuels this passion by creating diverse, uninhibited works, writing as a reader.

Within every story he creates, there encompasses a strong underlying literary quality, coating any genre, whether it be science, historical or horror, with a rich, raw humanity. This exposes itself in ways that intensify the reader experience, echoing a past and future that resonate long after the story is over. As a dedicated wordsmith, he meticulously tunes every work, ensuring the reader experience is as enriching as possible, allowing the story to unfold with ease.

If you are a fan of the familiar but unconventional, disturbingly true yet unexplored, you’re sure to enjoy Robin’s work.

Robin Murarka


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