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Temple of Ice Review

  • Title: Temple of Ice
  • Author: Christian Cura
  • Kindle (arc)
  • Publisher: unknown
  • Genres: Fantasy, adventure, paranormal
  • Page length: 263
  • Release date: unknown
  • My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was given an advanced readers copy (arc) of this book by the author but all opinions are my own.

May contain spoilers


Meet Tama, an adept winter mage of Khione, a beautiful, dangerous land. Bloodthirsty monsters roam the frozen wilderness, and the unforgiving elements are a constant. Tama and her friends—Kachina and Masou—are on the cusp of completing their education at the temple where they have trained for the past four years. They need only to do one more thing: earn the Goddess Tira’s final anointing. But to do that, they must fight through hordes of corrupted creatures and endure the perplexing obstacles within Mount Orodani.

The road before them is long and bloody, and Tira’s evil sister, Malsumi, won’t stop sending her minions until she is strong enough to break free of her prison. Tama fights valiantly to defend herself and her people from these twisted monsters. But she will soon discover the real threat is much closer than she initially thought…

My Review

I spent a great deal of time debating between 3 stars and 4 stars. My inner feminist is the reason I finally settled on 3 stars. Tama had two love interests over the course of the book. First there was Kachina, than came Liseli. I liked both woman because they were strong willed and confident. Their personalities had no effect on my rating, my issue is that while each one was Tama’s love interest she was repeatedly refered to as “the other woman”, as if they were not to be seen as Tama’s main love but as the side piece to some unknown/unmentioned woman. With Katchina you could argue that she was the only other female character at the beginning, but how do you explain the usage in reference to Liseli.The repeated usage of “the other woman” didn’t sit well with me and became the deciding factor in my rating.

The rest of the book I found very entertaining. The plot line was fast paced and kept you from putting the book down. I stayed up past my bed time a few times just to see what happened next. I found the ending to be prefect for a sequel, and I do hope there is a sequel to this book.

The character names, the belief system and other worldly animals were all well thought out and added depth to the story. I found myself engrossed in the world of Nevesska. In other words the inner feminist issue I mentioned earlier is the only big problem I had with Mr. Cara’s work. Considering how some men refer to woman I realize I shouldn’t be that upset and I would even consider reading another book by Christian Cura, with the hope of him redeeming himself. After all he did have a strong lesbian woman as the lead.

So if you are willing to over look the one flaw I mentioned and you enjoy fantasy novels even a little I would definatly consider this book be added to your to be read list. I was only able to find the book on Goodreads, and there is no release date listed so I can only suggest your TBR list, I don’t have a publisher either so I can’t even determine where in publishing process the book is.

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