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Texas Horror (ARC) Review

  • Title: Texas Horror
  • Ebook (ARC)
  • Pages: 64
  • Genre(s): comic book, horror
  • Kickstarter Release: May 3, 2021
  • Publisher: none
  • My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


A 64 page horror comic anthology that focuses on Texas creators, Texas locations and Texas themes. Includes 5 comics..

  • Demons in the Darkness Part 1- written by David Doub, art by Dominic Racho, letters by Daniel Chan
  • Aerobicide- Blockbuster Night- written by David Doub, art by Terry Parr
  • End World Escape – written by David Doub, art by Diego Garza
  • Mask It or Casket – written by David Doub, art by Miguel Angel Hernandez
  • Kitchen Witches – written and art by Halo Toons

My Review

Normally, I don’t agree to review a story that is only half finished and looking for crowd funding to complete the writing and publishing of the work but I have developed a working relationship with one of the members on team Texas Horror so I consented to review it as is in an attempt to help them get funding. It’s not obvious but I am a huge comic book fan but I rarely get asked to review comics & graphic novels, I assume because I don’t tailor my site to that genre’s readers or publishers, my site focuses more on novels and nonfiction. But I do love a good comic book, especially when combined with horror. My point is I realize this review is abnormal but I wanted to help a writer out because I have seen his work in the past and I believe he can write.

Of the five comics listed only two are complete. I saw preview art for End World Escape & Kitchen Witches, but didn’t see anything for Mask It or Casket.

I read Demons in the Darkness and Aerobicide. I found both entertaining but that was definatly due to the fact that I was a teenager in the ’90’s and I could relate to both plotlines easily. Demons in the Darkness is the main story running 44 out of 64 pages. I connected with the main characters mainly because I was an nerd who participated in school social activities.

The limited information provided for End World Escape and Kitchen Witches has me questioning if I would like the plot for more then that they are about witches. The preview art for kitchen witches has me confused because they discribe the anthology as horror but the one image that was provided to me looks comedic. I’m wondering how this story fits in with the rest of the stories. Or does it not fit with the other stories and that’s why it isn’t completed yet. I would like to say that it’s a valid point when you consider the fact that the other four have the same writer and that Kitchen Witches is the only one with a different writer.

The extremely limited amount of information I received about Mask It or Casket (no art at all just a 2 line description) has my interest peaked more then my interest was in End World Escape. With our current political state being what it is I found the plotline unappealing, but I’ve never been big on novels about the end of the world or politics so the bias could be me and have nothing to do with the subject of the story.

Basically, when it comes down to it I would reccomend the 2 stories I read, but I am uncomfortable reccomending the anthology as a whole simply because I haven’t read enough to determine my opinion. I will say that based on my past experience with this writer I do believe there is great potential for Texas Horror, and it’s stories.

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