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The Carpet Salesman From Bagdad, A Review

  • Title: The Carpet Salesman from Bagdad
  • Author: Jonathan Harries
  • Format: ebook
  • Publisher: Jonathan Harries Ink
  • Genres: historical fiction, crime
  • Page #:
  • Release date: July 27, 2021
  • My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

*** This post may contain spoilers. ***


What if my highly dubious story of a two-thousand-year-old family of assassins turned out to be true?

Can you blame a chap for wanting to turn his otherwise humdrum family into a bunch of assassins?

It turns out you can.

I found this out soon after my novel The Tailor of Riga was published, and I received a bunch of beastly emails and threats from incensed family members horrified that I’d portrayed them as the descendants of bloodthirsty hitmen.

Then, out of the blue, a package arrived from a long-lost cousin in Argentina that changed everything.

It was the diary of an unknown ancestor, Elias Smulian-Hassan, summoned from Baghdad to Bombay by the enormously wealthy David Sassoon to take on an assignment for the Maharajah of Kutch.

His mission was to find and kill a British officer responsible for some of the most brutal acts of retribution against Indian survivors of the Great Sepoy Uprising and retrieve a fortune in stolen gemstones. Elias pursues his quarry from Bombay to the Kingdom of Travancore, where the contemptible swine is planning to rob the vaults of the richest temple in the world.

Priceless treasures, mysterious maharajahs, unspeakably evil villains, and the beautiful Mozelle Jacob, a woman Elias will pursue to the ends of the earth, all blend together like a spicy chicken vindaloo in the next saga of the sica.

**** I was given an ARC (advanced readers copy) of this book by the author but all opinions are my own. ****

My Review

As my returning readers already know The Carpet Salesman from Bagdad is the prequel to The Tailor of Riga, that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. I was initially contacted regarding the prequel and after expressing interest was told about the first book in the series and offered copies of both books because it was agreed that reading the books in order would allow a more insightful review of this book. I am very glad that I read both of the books by Jonathan Harries.

If you were to go and look you would see that I greatly enjoyed The Tailor of Riga and had high hopes for this book. Not only were my hopes meet but they were surpassed. I found The Carpet Salesman from Bagdad has out done the last book. This is partially due to the fact that Mr. Harries writing appears to be improving as he moves forward in his novels. I also found that changing the opening of each chapter to include historical context, instead of a Dramatis Personae,to be less disruptive to the storyline. The historical context offered was always relevant to the following narrative and allowed the action to progress at a much faster pace because it wasn’t being interrupted by the historically relevant information needed to create a great novel.

Any one looking for a new series, or new author, to read should definitely check out the Sica series by Jonathan Harries. After having read both of these books I definitely intend to go back and read some of his other work that is listed on his website

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