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The Talisman continues With ‘Riders of Fire and Ice‘

Well, well, well. Here we are, friends. You’ve finished “The Search For Synergy”, and you are thirsty for more adventure with everyone’s favorite Master Dragon and Synergist Knight. It’s true, Rome and Julian’s mishaps and missteps lead them down a very dangerous path, but they still ended out on top thanks to a little “hope” and an ancient magical pact. And with the promise of Camelot looming in the near future, it’s time to take this show on the road to a boarding school in England that the Rider family has attended for generations. Perhaps here our heroes can dig up some answers on The Void and it’s deadly denizens.

Before they can get to the bottom of the mysterious portals and Darkbrands encroaching their realm, however, the boys will have to delve into other, more “Earthly” dilemmas. Like, who or what is the dark shadow following them? And how can they use Julian’s sister to help them with their mission without telling her their little secret. And what inexplicable enigmas do the varied Talismans hold?

Well, fellow reader, I would love to tell you all the answers are in these 218 action-packed pages, but they’re not. Oh! Wait… They are? All the answers ARE in these 218 action-packed pages?? Why am I always the last one to get these memos??? Ok. Cool. So, my agent has informed me that the answers to ALL these questions ARE in fact in this book. But that’s not all! With two more books in the series and the 5th one set to premiere this winter, there’s still PLENTY more story to explore. So, hike up your swimsuits, slab on your sunscreen, and let’s deep dive into the true meaning behind the title, “Riders of Fire and Ice”.

As the boys walked in the front double doors, they noticed how lively this section was. There were students hanging out all over the lobby chatting, studying, and even playing hackey-sack in the nearby covered area. Rome was beyond pleased to see that his favorite sport was internationally prevalent. Maybe he would have no trouble fitting in with the crowd from overseas.

Julian started walking with purpose to a robust leather chair in one of the side rooms of the common area. Its back was facing the boys as they approached it, but it was obvious someone was sitting in the chair. Julian grabbed the corner of the backrest and swiveled it around to face him.

There sat Camela with her face buried in a book. All Rome could see were her two bright, blonde pigtails popping out the sides of the massive tome she held up to her face. The pigtails themselves were held together by pink and purple hair ties dotted with fake, silver rhinestones. The novel that enveloped her was “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, and it was comically too large for her tiny hands. She wore what appeared to be a school uniform dress combo with stockings and bantam, black shoes. She did not remove the book when she finally addressed the boys.

“Tis the foul smell of a malodorous brother who seems to have forgotten to brush his teeth again that I smell before me,” she said in the squeakiest voice Rome had ever heard. “It is a wonder you remember your own foolish head wherever thou travels take you, Julian. One could say you require daily reminders for fitting your appendages in the appropriate clothes holes and tying your boot straps so as not to fall on your horrible face.”

“Oh, shut it, Camela!” yelled Julian. “Could you once be happy to see me without throwing a bunch of insults at me?” Julian breathed into his hand to check his breath.

“It is the fool who brings insults upon himself for he is only a fool and nothing more,” she replied coyly.

She moved the book to the side displaying the face of a young girl with wide eyes and a button nose. Rome could easily detect that she was related to Julian. Save for their age difference, their faces were almost carbon copies of each other from the contours of their jawlines to the azure color of their eyes. The Rider family genes were certainly consistent!

Riders of Fire and Ice by Brett Salter (book 2)

So, that’s Camela Rider in all her obnoxious, narcissistic wonder. Rome speculated in the previous book what could be worse than one Rider sibling, and now, he’s chalk in the middle of all-out sibling warfare. TWO Riders to deal with! And a boatload of questions that need answering. Hopefully, Rome cane stave off the siblings’ arguments long enough to get some answers. The whole world depends on it!

What are you waiting for? You gotta get involved in all the hijinks so you can be caught up when book 5 comes out this winter! To tide you over, here are some links where you can look into all the shenanigans and adventures of Rome and Julian:

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How did it all get started? Find out right here on Mcfly’s Book Bliss. Still not enough go pick up copies of books 1-4 today.

Rome and Julian continue on in…

Volumes 3 & 4 are ready to be snatched up by all you Talisman fans out there.


This is your public service announcement to be sure to keep your Talismans tight and keep a wary eye out for portals. See you next time!

Brett Salter

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