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Monday Mania #9: 20 Tips For Getting Books Cheaper {Part 2}

Last week I gave you 10 out of 20 tips for getting books cheaper. Here is the second half of the list.

  1. Thrift Stores They are going to have a limited number of books, but if you scope them out you will see some of the stores will continue to receive “new” stock. Keep going back and you could end up with a great collection.
  2. Garage Sales Here you will find rock bottom prices but you are going to have a very limited selection. Get a list, or map, of all the garage sales for a given day and prepare to go through some boxes.
  3. Estate Sales Prices can vary at estate sales but they are a great way to find classics and out of print books you want.
  4. Amazon They actually has 5 different ways to get your hands on books at little to no cost, and you dont need a Kindle for any of them. If you want ebooks from them download the free kindle app. Depending on what you want they have free ebooks, Amazon Prime, Kindle lending program, Kindle First and Kindle unlimited.
  5. Barnes & Noble They have 3 ways of offering their customers discounts. In the stores they have a clearance section and they have a rewards program. Online they have a used book section.
  6. Ebay This site can good for out-of-print books if you are willing to be patient and dont get into biding wars.
  7. Review Networks You can sign up with publishers and other companies to review their books, in exchange for your review they will give you an advanced copy of the book.
  8. Subscription boxes There are tons of sites to choose from, so all you have to do is find the one that fits your reading preferences and price range.
  9. Read the classics. 70 years after an authors death their book enters the public domain, making classic texts easy to be shared and copied for free. For free ebooks you can visit The Public Domain Review or Project Gutenberg as well as others sites.
  10. Purchase book directly from author Most authors, nowadays, sell their books themselves on various platforms at lower prices and sometimes offer promotional deals. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices
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I was a bibliophile before I learned the alphabet. From an early age I have used books to relieve the pressures of reality. I was I teenager before I appreciated the learning power of books. Now, as an adult, I read books for both learning and relaxation.

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