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Review: So much owed

  • Title: So Much Owed: An Irish World War 2 Story
  • Author: Jean Grainger
  • Pages: 364
  • Kindle e-book
  • Released: December 1, 2013
  • Genre(s): historical fiction
  • My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

*All opinions are my own.

*May contain spoilers.

If she loves you, and I’m sure she does, then she’ll come back to you. And if she doesn’t, then she was never yours to begin with, so you’re as well off discovering that now.

I got this book for free from Book Bub a few months back and started reading it with little knowledge of the book besides that it was a historical fiction set during WW 2.

I had a hard time getting into this book at first. But once I got more familiar with the characters I found myself enjoying it.  There was a wide range of personalities and many of them were the opposite gender you usually find in stories.  Watching James and Juliet grow and develop into the young adults their “nanny/mother” Solange saw, while their father tried to shelter them, like many loving parents, from their future.

Juliet was the outgoing, strong-willed one, while James was the artsy introvert.  Had their father allowed himself to see his twins  true personalities he would have gotten the family practice he had always dreamed of.

Solange was my favorite character.  She was very progressive for the time and the fact that she is French helped make this believable.

I really liked that Ms. Grainger choose to use twins as the main characters.  This makes their individual choices and experiences when their apart more meaningful.  The significant childhood events were the same because of their age so their choices as adults were not impacted by an age gap, just individual mentality.

Although, I enjoyed all the characters I didn’t like the jumping around.  I realize that it was necessary to show all the events going on, I just felt like Ms. Grainger often conveyed information I didn’t care much for while leaving out details I would have liked to hear.  This is the biggest reason for my rating.

I am still open reading more books by Jean Grainger and would tell other book lovers to give her a chance because although I was only okay with this novel I believe her other readers would enjoy it.  Here’s a link to check it out So Much Owed

Have fun reading!!




I was a bibliophile before I learned the alphabet. From an early age I have used books to relieve the pressures of reality. I was I teenager before I appreciated the learning power of books. Now, as an adult, I read books for both learning and relaxation.

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