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Review: The Gathering Storm

  • Title: The Gathering Storm (The Jacobite Chronicles book 3)
  • Author: Julia Brannan
  • Pages: 413
  • Kindle ebook
  • Release Date: June 24, 2016
  • Genre(s): historical fiction
  • My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The year is 1744 and Prince Charles Edward Stuart is stranded in France. Follow Elizabeth and Alex MacGregor, their family and friends in their adventures to restore the Stuarts to the throne.

* All opinions are my own.

* May contain spoilers.

The Gathering Storm is book 3 in a series of 5.  So far it is my favorite in the series.  I did enjoy the first two books but as the story has evolved many of the side characters have changed in focus.  The side characters that are focused on in this book are ones that I like and I think that’s why I favor this book.  During book 1 (Mask of Duplicity) the reader was introduced to multiple characters that were necessary to plot developement but not very likeable, these characters had a very minimal role in this book.  In The Gathering Storm  the characters have been established and because of that the focuses more on plot.

Julia Brannan, the author, did a wonderful job of continuity throughout the book and series so far.  I never found myself questioning why something happened or why a character acted the way they did.

Mrs. Brannan was clearly familiar with this period of English history when she wrote these books.  She did an incredible job of weaving fact and fiction together in a way that allowed me to forget where I was and emerse myself in Beth’s life.  At the begin of the book she gives the reader a very brief history lesson to help acquaint them with what was going on in England and why.

I highly recommend this book (and series) to readers who like historical fiction and strong female leads.  But I definitely encourage you to read the first and second book before hand.

Books in The Jacobite Series:

Mask of Duplicity

The Mask Revealed

The Gathering Storm

The Storm Breaks

Pursuit of Princes

If anyone has read this series or other books by Julia Brannan I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy reading!!!





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